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The Startup Dating Game

See the comments for more details. The topas command is a very popular tool for checking performance of an AIX system. Both nmon and topas give a general summary screen allowing you to drill down to sub screens. You"re probably familiar with at least one of these tools, but there are a couple of features which may make your experience even better. Tilde toggle nmon to topas to nmon You may be a topas fan, but want to switch to nmon to view certain screens. Or you might like nmon but your topas-loving colleague is watching over your shoulder. If you"re running topas you can press the tilde key: In the same way, nmon returns the complement:

Siemens Digital Enterprise User Conference

The matching algorithm is based on data collected from interview with more than 50, married couples in 23 different countries, from which the company has derived a mathematical model of a successful relationship it says. What if you are not attracted to them? Over the last few years eharmony has been leveraging machine learning models and distribution algorithms to boost the butterflies, and help hundreds of users find true love every day.

The result is the ultimate recommendations service for singles, the company says, which leads to an average people getting married through the site every day. The company has a number of regional sites, plus same-sex relationship brand Compatible Partners. Read more China in major push to use AI and facial recognition technologies to track and control behaviour Australia is eHarmony"s second-largest market by profitability and accounts for about nine per cent of global business revenues.

Interview questions. A free inside look at ENOVIA interview questions and process details - all posted anonymously by interview candidates.

Co-Founder and CTO Ankur Bulsara heads the tech operations for the company, bringing to the table a wealth of software development experience. Broadly speaking, the cloud continues to provide a practically infinite amount of computing power, allowing us to retain, process and analyze vast amounts of data. Simultaneously, mobile devices continue to increase the amount of data they provide via an increasing numbers of sensors.

These two factors, unlimited computation and unlimited observation, provide the fertile ground for technological opportunity. As we ponder which problems to solve, it is a useful reminder that we have unlimited resources at our disposal. More specifically, are there trends you notice? This is probably the most rapidly evolving sub-sector of technology. We now have a plethora some would say over-abundance of tools and vendors to store and process vast quantities of data.

Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOS Mobile ver MOD download apk

CTO stands for Chief Technical Officers Lists who is one of the members of the C-level executives; recognized as one of the highest executives in the company. So, we provide CTO Mailing Addresses to the marketers that will enhance their marketing strategies to reach the maximum number of the prospects. Our list enables you to have a multichannel marketing campaign that is the best possible way to reach out to your lots.

Hence, take a demonstration of our list of Chief Technology Officers and share your experience with us. But we can assure you to have a better campaign that will allow you to have a better marketing campaign. Our experienced data team play a vital role and creating these email lists, that they compile after accumulating it from all genre of the industry.

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Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Most popular community and official content for the past week. The Porcupine is a fast Scout-class vehicle equipped with the force of a volatile weather system. It has a light primary attack in the form of a laser of electricity that slowly chips away at its opponent"s health.

Its first ability is Overdrive, a speed boost shared with nearby teammates to get your vehicles to the front lines faster! Its second ability is Thunder Mines, a deployment of several storm cloud mines, left in a row behind the vehicle to catch pursuers by surprise.

Watch Dogs 2 for Xbox One (Disc)

Email Slush ticket sales began today, kick-starting our countdown for the 11th Slush in Helsinki this December. The recent exits, most notably the massive ones by Swedish phenomena Spotify and iZettle , have got us thrilled about the coming months and years for Nordic and European tech. My guess is that things are really only getting started, as the proceedings from these deals no doubt serve as a trigger for the second wave of ultra-high-quality startup companies and funds being founded by the people involved with the first success stories.

Additionally, several current European funds, with the ability to produce excellent returns to their own investors will, most likely, drive more capital into VC overall, which further accelerates the upward spiral.

Setting your Tinder preferences to"Looking for: CTOs and COOs"? San Francisco Cofounder Meetup organizes mini case study competitions for cofounders looking for partners. Complete a one hour group project designed to test your business chemistry in a low pressure, low stakes environment.

No such file or directory debug1: Enabling compatibility mode for protocol 2. Local version string SSH Remote protocol version 1. Comment 2 Jan Stancek Comment 4 Jakub Jelen Well, the main point was that this was working in RHEL7. If we hit this issue in our own infrastructure, it is very likely that there will be similar issue and setup somewhere in the wild in customers deployments.

Tomas, if you are ok with this change, we will certainly have to make sure it will be documented. Comment 5 Tomas Mraz Comment 6 Jakub Jelen


Friedrich Gulda is known to all. He is the musical wizard with the embroidered cap, an artist who is equally at home in Jazz or the works of the Viennese Classic. Gulda might have only performed a small number of his Austrian compatriot"s 27 piano concertos but with these few he certainly created a sensation. That the present recording of the Concertos Nos. The minor-key first movement of No.

After propensity score matching, Indeed, CTOs can be encountered in vastly diverse clinical scenarios, such as elderly patients, presence of comorbidities, post CABG, and normal or impaired left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF). These latter conditions should be considered in addition to the operator"s experience, in order to indicate.

You can also adjust the beatgrid for tracks with irregular BPM. Cross DJ provides full control on the key of your tracks with Key detection and Key matching. Create smooth harmonic mixes and quickly visualize compatible tracks. Smart music collection Cross integrates with everything you need from a pro DJ software. Find what you played last night in the history section. Create smart playlists that can be changed automatically.

Edit your tracks Perform with pro, industry standard tools, and take advantage of frequency-colored waveforms to accurately edit your tracks with loops, hot cues and smart seek. Tweak your mix with 14 audio effects ranging from Phaser, Echo, Flanger and more. You can also edit and create custom mappings with MIDI learn. Whether mixing on the go or on stage, Cross DJ provides all the essential features of a pro DJ software.

Ableton Link integration Turn on Ableton Link and join the jam! Enable Ableton Link with a single click and sync several compatible apps over the same WiFi network. You can load webcam input into the sampler pads among other things.

Halal Speed Dating raises EUR 89, through FundedByMe

Missy Young joins other Forbes Technology Council members, who are hand-selected, to become part of a curated network of successful peers and get access to a variety of exclusive benefits and resources, including the opportunity to submit thought leadership articles and short tips on industry-related topics for publishing on Forbes. Forbes Councils combines an innovative, high-touch approach to community management perfected by the team behind Young Entrepreneur Council YEC with the extensive resources and global reach of Forbes.

As a result, Forbes Council members get access to the people, benefits and expertise they need to grow their businesses — and a dedicated member concierge who acts as an extension of their own team, providing personalized one-on-one support. Our mission with Forbes Councils is to curate successful professionals from every industry, creating a vetted, social capital-driven network that helps every member make an even greater impact on the business world.

SWCH , the technology infrastructure corporation headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada is built on the intelligent and sustainable growth of the internet. About Forbes Councils Forbes partnered with the founders of Young Entrepreneur Council YEC to launch Forbes Councils, invitation-only communities for world-class business professionals in a variety of industries.

May 27,  · Se7enSins Gaming Community. Xbox Watch Dogs All TU + 25 Trainer Release. Discussion in"Miscellaneous Game Modding" started by XeXBunny, May 22, with 56 replies and 28, views. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > -cTOS Timer Mod Mini Games-Cash Run: Infinite Time-NVZN: Infinite Lives.

Comments Watch Dogs Jackpot The sequel to the original watch dogs game is set in las vegas as ctos 2. A run of the muck low life gambler with a knack for winning big by exploiting ctos to cheat in casinos gets him in trouble with the mob. They attempt to go after his family but Dedsec gets to him before the mob can kill him.

Desiring only money and fame he gets recruited by Dedsec as one of their heavy hitters, listed to do jobs for cash and to hurt blume and the organized criminals that control Vegas. William Davis a troubled 24 year old gambling prodigy and an incredible marksman is prepared to take up a new mantel after years of helping dedsec regain its footing after the misfortune of being unable to control ctos from the inside and compromising blume.

The damage Charlotte Gardener is causing needs to be exposed. William takes up the mantle of the Redeemer A. A the Wolf and acts as a fixer, doing jobs to help dedsec look good and blume look awful. He stumbles across some information that will cripple blume if it gets out after hacking the ctos mainframe in a giant attack on Blumes Ctos controll in Las Vegas.

He discovers some hidden terrible secrets about blume and is also able to connect the dots on the blackmail released worldwide on everyone in chicago back in the day. Now that he has incriminating evidence against blume and master controll over ctos in vegas he will attempt to rid the city of crime, cripple blume, and gain a massive ammount of cash all in the process.

CTOs to Know: Meet Scopely"s Ankur Bulsara

A couple weeks ago, Wired ran a story on an uncommon genius who hacked the OKCupid matching algorithms to get more dates and find his perfect girl. Though the original article was intended to be a quirky, endearing piece on the intersection of nerdiness and true love, we here at ROK like to dig a bit deeper into the psychological and societal underpinnings of these sexual marketplace corner cases.

On the plus side, this man is obviously a genius.

It also offers a very low-level, and concrete, list of cross-organizational patient matching practices for CIOs, CTOs and other technology leaders to adopt and implement minimally acceptable patient matching practices.

Jun 29, CTO Mentoring: The reality however, can be quite different — especially for first-time tech leaders and those in executive-level positions. While mentoring juniors is widely recognised as crucial to career progression, business growth and success , such guidance often grinds to a halt once people ascend the career ladder. We believe this needs to change. Why are mentors needed? Developing as a manager is an ongoing process and the opportunity to learn from others is always possible.

First time CTOs and tech leaders face new challenges: Management, strategic and hiring decisions will fall to them and, without the firsthand knowledge and experience to deal with them mistakes can be made. One such mistake is to assume that the responsibility for their growth and development lies entirely with the individual. New CTOs and tech leads will have clearly demonstrated their technological know-how and potential leadership capabilities.

However, there remain additional, more comprehensive skills to gain and it is worth both emerging leaders and their businesses taking steps to address any gaps as there will be additional factors to consider. Sometimes thinking outside of the box and recruiting mentors externally may be necessary in order to find those with the right career history and repertoire.

Switch CIO Missy Young Accepted into Forbes Technology Council

Graphic notetakers created visual representations of key takeaways from the stage. CNBC"s Work is a three-part event series that examines the impact of new technology on three different disciplines — human resources, IT and finance. Click here to apply to attend.

Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who, with the help of his smartphone, will use his ability to hack into Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and.

Any pianist who tackles Franz Liszt"s great works must possess outstanding skills in many areas. Technical prowess is absolutely necessary to play the extremely difficult score, as is immense physical energy in order to compete with the hefty onslaughts from the orchestra. But a great awareness of the unusual conceptual forms, refined energy and passion are also required to make the keyboard sing.

At the beginning of the Sixties Sviatoslav Richter seemed to possess all these attributes in an ideal equilibrium. With youthful energy he catapulted powerful chords against the First Concerto"s defiant theme in the orchestra, offering resistance only to join in later with the lyrical maelstrom of the orchestra. In the Finale these twists and turns come together to form an emphatic single strand of spirited theme, brilliant cadenza and blustering orchestra. Warranty Information Musician"s Friend Gold Coverage Gold Coverage goes above and beyond the manufacturer"s warranty to protect your gear from unexpected breakdowns, accidental damage from handling and failures.

This plan covers your product for one, two, three or up to five years from your date of purchase, costs just pennies per day and gives you a complete"no-worry" solution for protecting your investment. Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Dust, internal heat and humidity Other plan features include:

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