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Joe Germana, 49, had been married to Jane,"the love of my life," for 17 years. Diane Barna, 51, had been in a committed relationship with the same man for nearly a quarter of a century. Then, three years ago, Germana and his two young daughters returned to their Parma, Ohio, home after a brief shopping trip and found Jane dead from a medication reaction. The 77, , Americans born between and came of age in the era of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. And while the last two may have lost some appeal over the years, sex and relationships remain front and center as the oldest boomers turn 60 this year. That"s largely because more boomers are single than any previous cohort of forty to sixtysomethings. According to the Census Bureau, And many of these singles are on the prowl. In a recent AARP survey, up to 70 percent of single boomers said they dated regularly. Of those between 40 and 59 years old, 45 percent of men and 38 percent of women have intercourse at least once a week.

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About 78 million baby boomers are living in the United States today, and In fact, they account for one third the largest constituency of the So, what are they doing online?

When I started blogging my year to 50, I was a newbie. I never dreamed that my 49th year would be one of the most extraordinary years of my life. Losing my spouse at the end of turned my world upside down. The grief and loneliness I felt during that period was overwhelming. Many of you, my dear readers, have shared my life after 50 transformation journey with me.

Oh yes, yes, yes, how could I forget creating an award-winning blog and becoming a yoga instructor too. Looking Ahead To My 60s Pondering my 60s, I wonder what life has in store for me during the next 10 years. Sometimes I wish I could look into a crystal ball and ask. Other times I want to be surprised. My new journal says it all! Yesterday, I had the opportunity to celebrate my 60th birthday with several of my close girlfriends.

Many of them were at my 50th celebration. I feel blessed to have such incredible long-term friendships with such talented, caring women. My late husband M is always tucked inside my heart as well.

Baby boomers dating site.

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More Articles April 08, Facebook was originally available to college students only. Then in September , the social media platform became available to anyone with a valid email address. Today, nearly anyone can have a Facebook page — 13 year-olds to grandparents. Or for the purposes of this article, millennials to baby boomers. Pre-Facebook days, it was email, snail mail, and the occasional phone call that kept people connected.

The platform allows for revolutionary changes to be made to friendships that had been previously lost. Millennials and their Facebook networks 2.

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When most people think of Baby Boomers, they often think of those of us that are today in our 50s and early 60"s. Let"s see how that breaks down: To be fair, some people born on the fringes of this time period, do not think of themselves as Baby Boomers.

Email For many retirement-age baby boomers, retirement is getting postponed. Two-thirds of boomers report they want to continue working beyond age 65, according to a recent survey of workers by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies TCRS. Will older workers be able to keep working, and can they find the work they need?

The TCRS study offers reasons for both concern and hope. Most likely, at some point, these workers will need to retire for health reasons, or their employer may not allow them to continue working indefinitely. The evidence backs this up: According to the Retirement Confidence Survey conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 46 percent of retirees left the workforce earlier than they had planned.

Many said they did so because of a hardship, such as a health problem or disability.

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Where as just seven per cent of baby boomers are equally attracted to both sexes or"mostly" attracted to the opposite sex - marking a stark generational shift. Getty - Contributor A third of young people identify as gay or bisexual, a new poll shows About 14 per cent of year old"s say they are mostly attracted to the opposite sex while nine per cent say they are equally attracted to both sexes. And just one per cent of baby boomers said they were attracted to both sexes.

The generational shift in sexuality was shown in research carried out for the BBC by polling company Ipsos Mori. They asked 1, young people aged 16 to 22 and baby boomers - people in their 50s and 60s - about their sexual preferences. About 66 per cent of young people said they were only heterosexual, compared to 88 per cent of baby boomers.

You want something that"s low-impact exercise You want something like your old Schwinn bicycle? Well, look for a cruiser bike with a low step-through. Best Cruiser Bikes Boomerinas. So, I made a list of great cruiser bikes Why did I make a list Well, everyone likes something different because everyone"s bod is different, and everyone rides differently.

Sure, I am able to mitigate the pain by wearing jogging shoes and walking on dirt or grass, but walking still gives me problems. I hate walking in a pool because it makes me feel like a dork. So, as long as I can keep from crashing into people, biking is my new favorite thing. And, cycling is the only exercise program that I"ve liked enough to continue for more than a few weeks. I should tell you that this is my first bike. Well, in all honesty, I had a red Schwinn when I was little, but I was only allowed to ride my bike on our"fairly long" driveway.

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No need to bother with any other dating sites. You used to meet new people through friends and through work functions but now as a baby boomer to date and find love you can do it online. I think we, the baby boomers, have less chance to met mister or miss right in the real world. Create your free profile and make connections with other Baby Boomer singles in your area today.

Now this somethings group of Generation Y consumers are set to leapfrog Gen X-ers and overtake Baby Boomers as the nation"s biggest spenders. And companies are paying attention as they target their products to the shopping personas of each generation. Digitally fluent, they want and expect brands to engage with them online. Advertisement Sportswear giant Nike was a solid example of a brand that had secured Gen Y"s attention and dollars by harnessing the power of social media, well-designed apps and community.

Other brands are still playing catch-up. They are travel happy, meaningful spenders. You will now receive updates from Breaking News Alert Breaking News Alert Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media"s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Based on that insight, Luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent played the concept of"agelessness" right when it advertised its pricey, saffron-infused Or Rouge face cream as a"renaissance treatment" rather than another anti-ageing product.

They want to be told they are beautiful just as they are," Sanderson, co-founder of The Future Laboratory, said. Next are the"multi-tasking" Generation Jones-ers, now in their 50s, who are community-focused, cautious spenders.

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