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Reno !: Sezon 2

The hospital gives them to you when you don"t have any money. WHen I know nothing, the possibilities are limitless Smile: No, you bleep them. You"re 55 minutes late. Hardcastle hands Dangle a bottle of pee. Hardcastle blows into test tubes LOL: Wiegel - Terry I faxed those pictures of your wie Dangle and Wiegel just helped a man who played the racist card.

Reno !

Dangle declares a zero-tolerance policy, only to find himself becoming the first criminal when he rear-ends a civilian"s car. Fortunately, he discovers evidence of a crime in the car"s trunk. Predictably, it ends in explosions. As a result, he ends up working as a crossing guard, and the deputies are forced to confront the possibility of going on without him.

"Reno Miami" comes across as a slightly smarter update of the"Police Academy" films, shot resembling"COPS" dating and displaying calls on screen and shot in"reality-cam" style at many times. No, this movie is"NOT" going to win Academy Awards. but it"s not meant to.

By placing your order or playing a video, you agree to our Terms of Use. Additional taxes may apply. How We Do It in Reno Dejected after a day of unsuccessful crime fighting, Officer Dangle rear-ends a civilian, who happens to be the only criminal in town. Fireworks When the Mayor"s kid blows his thumb off with an illegal explosive, the officers are put on the line to rid Reno of contraband fireworks.

Jones Gets Suspended Deputy Jones takes a job as crossing guard after his suspension from the force for punching Garcia for making a racial comment. Wiegel Suicide Watch Officer Wiegel enjoys the attention when she tries to commit suicide and everyone is assigned to her 72 hour suicide watch. Clementine Gets Married Clemmy"s degenerate boyfriend Steed surprises everyone when he shows up at the Sheriff"s Department to ask her to marry him.

Garcia"s Anniversary It"s Garcia"s 15 year anniversary on the force and the guys end up taking him to a strip club to celebrate Reno style. Dangle"s Moving Day Dangle is moving out of his house and asks for the department"s help. Jones is the only one who shows.

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Season 1 Episode 4 - Clementine"s Pregnant A drug test at the department reveals the Clemmy is with child. So, she looks for potential suiters. Garcia, being a gentleman, gives Clementine a proposition, that she refuses. Meanwhile, Deputy Johnson also babysits a sex offender around the neighborhood where he"s moving in. Dangle declares a zero-tolerance policy, only to find himself becoming the first criminal when he rear-ends a civilian"s car.

Reno ! Episode Guide on EPisodeWorld with airdates and detailed information for all episodes of every series/season of the TV show Reno ! featuring Episode Guide, Main and Guest Cast Info, Music Guide, Summary-Plot Guide, News and Details in multiple languages.

Yeah, the cats are out of the bag. After months of keeping the not so well kept secret, someone at Comedy Central decided to spill out the beans by showing trailers and new promos for the show. Deputy Garcia, Johnson and Kimball was not there. Apparently all three of them were killed during the accident at the Taco Stand. The news first came weeks before the filming of RENO ! Fans will want to know why the three Deputies were killed off.

Well, send your complaints to Comedy Central here. If there would be Season Seven. Then again, they could make the whole Season Six as a huge dream. Anyway, do not read the next paragraph. Use a marker or liquid paper or anything to cover the next paragraph. OK, are you ready to not to read the next paragraph? Jones mourns the loss of his partner Deputy James Garcia in a touching and explosive tributes to his fallen partner.

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Not getting new extras The Story So Far Several alumni of the cult comedy troupe"The State" gathered together again for Reno: Made up mostly of inspired improv performances, the show features the sexually-ambiguous Lt. Jim Dangle Thomas Lennon who leads a less-than-successful law-enforcement effort. Each episode shows several"busts," in addition to the main story, so there are plenty of chances for laughs in comedy that"s both absurd and rapid-fire, playing with the conventions of the"ride along" genre.

S02E15 Department Investigation: Part 1 (2) Summary Jones and Garcia are accused of Milkshake Man"s death, which makes The District Attorney investigates the sheriff"s department. Reno !

The Complete Series Reviewed by Colin Jacobson January 14, Given the absurdity of the long-running reality show Cops, it would seem like a difficult target to spoof. Dangle declares a zero-tolerance policy, but he becomes the first one affected when he rear-ends a car. It needs to carry a lot of weight, as it must introduce a lot of characters in its 21 minutes.

We find some amusingly bizarre perps that the folks need to find and these gags add up to a solid show. Granted, the series usually combines unrelated segments, but they feel a bit more random here. As out of nowhere as they may be, those moments become the strongest aspects of the episode, as the Wiegel scenes work less well.

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Changelog The show is a satire based on the FOX Television show Cops, which follows actual police officers through their daily duties. The show deals heavily in politically-incorrect and"racy" humor, including many jokes about race, sexual orientation, drug and alcohol abuse, rape, and so on. Lieutenant Jim Dangle Thomas Lennon He is the highest-ranking deputy in the department and is almost always seen wearing his trademark short-shorts, which he wears for"mobility".

The comedic theme of the character is that Dangle is gay.

Read Reno ! torrent and select free episodes from direct links to seasons. Toggle navigation. 9 Garcia"s Girlfriend 09 Aug 8 The Hot Tub King 02 Aug 7 And the Installation Is Free 11 Clementine and Garcia Are Dating 18 Aug 10 Raineesha X 11 Aug 9 More FBI Help 04 Aug 8 Security for Kenny Rogers.

Dangle Gets Promoted Air Date: June 9th, , Dangle tells everyone that he is leaving because he got a promotion and they will go to dinner to celebrate. But Jones got tickets on the same night to the sold out game. Wiegel"s New Boyfriend Air Date: June 16th, ,

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Plot[ edit ] The film opens outside of a building where terrorists are holding hostages and a nuclear bomb. The Reno Sheriff"s Department arrives in a helicopter, called in as experts. As the group prepare to deal with the situation, Deputy Travis Junior wakes up and realizes it was a dream; he was sleeping at the wheel and the vehicle he and Lt. Dangle are in crashes.

After a scene involving a chicken in the road miscoded as an"armed person on a roof", Dangle tells everyone that they have been invited to the American Police Convention in Miami Beach. On arrival, the group finds they are not on the entrant list. Having nowhere to stay, they rent rooms at a motel that seems to be a hub of illegal activities. After partying most of the night, most of the police officers unsuccessfully attempt to seduce one another at the motel, with the guys eventually turning to pleasuring themselves to the shock of the ones outside.

As everyone recovers from their hangovers, Johnson discovers a tattoo on her breast of a mystery man. The team return to the convention to see if their tickets were found, but discover the building has been the subject of a bio-chemical terrorist attack that has quarantined the police inside. The only city official left outside is assistant deputy mayor Jeff Spoder. A high-ranking SWAT agent, Rick"The Condor" Smith, arrives on the scene to give a pep talk, but soon ends up blowing himself up with a grenade he had unpinned during the talk.

The team assume the Miami Sheriff"s responsibilities, and respond to several emergency calls including an alligator in a swimming pool; street prostitution that leads to Reno: Jones and Garcia are repeatedly kidnapped by Ethan, a drug lord who tries to act like Tony Montana from Scarface.


Pilot Frustrated by a lack of suspects, Lieutenant Dangle rear-ends a civilian"s car, inadvertently discovering a crime in progress. Fireworks The mayor"s son"s carelessness costs everyone their fun, as the officers are charged with ridding Reno of fireworks. Execution Tickets Officers go on a suspect scavenger hunt for the ultimate prize, two tickets for an execution. How far will they go to win? Clementine"s Pregnant Officer Clementine Johnson finds out she"s preggers.

Who will she ask to be her baby"s daddy?

Clementine and Garcia Are Dating 18 Aug. Jones and Garcia"s Drug Stake-Out.

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Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email NOW in its fifth season on American television, Reno ! The cast and crew of the small screen version are present and correct for their inaugural big screen outing: Crammed into a half hour show, interspersed with commercials, a dozen or so comic vignettes might warrant a few laughs.

Expanded into a minute feature, the lulls between each moment of lunacy become painfully noticeable. And the set pieces certainly err towards the bizarre, like the sight of the hapless protagonists blowing up a stranded narwhale, chunks of mammal blubber raining down on unsuspecting sunbathers. Needless to say, no real animals were harmed in the making of Reno !: Lieutenant Jim Dangle Lennon is the man in charge of the team. A vision in short-shorts, with highlights and a moustache, Dangle might be mistaken for an extra from a"70s adult film were he not surrounded by some of the weirdest law enforcers ever to wreak havoc in northern Nevada.

Reno 911!: Miami

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