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New York Times media columnist David Carr is dead at 58

Today I woke up cocooned in my comforter, yet still chilly. I looked out of my window at the stale October gloom and almost began to miss summer. I caught myself in time to remember what we often forget when we romanticize seasons, forgetting their hidden wraths because we do not endure them in the present time. I remembered consecutive weeks so sweltering that I was endlessly caught between the lesser of two hells: I remembered my unlucky penchant for always stepping into that single No. So this morning, when the autumnal chill impelled me to draw my bare legs closer to my chest and pull an extra blanket around my shoulders, I almost — almost — longed for summer. But then I remembered, and I thanked goodness that I had caught myself just in time. Read all recent entries and our updated submissions guidelines. Reach us via email diary nytimes.

Big day for Saquon Barkley gets sidelined in second half of Giants" loss

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The obituary page of The New York Times is a celebration of extraordinary lives. This groundbreaking package includes obits in the book with exclusive online access to 10, more of the most important and fascinating obituaries the Times has ever published/5(6).

The couple married the following year. They began by selling handbags before expanding to include clothing, jewellery, bedding, legwear and fragrances. The brand grew into a fashion empire, known for accessories that offered affordable luxury to younger working women. Her brightly coloured, clean-lined style offered a spunky take on fashion at a time when luxury handbags were out of reach to most consumers, and the industry was dominated by venerable European brands.

The couple sold the brand in In , they launched a new fashion brand called Frances Valentine, which sells footwear and accessories.

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It was not connected to an earlier New York Daily News , which was founded in , flourished under Benjamin Wood , and ceased publication in December Patterson and his cousin, Robert R. On his way back, Patterson met with Alfred Harmsworth , who was the Viscount Northcliffe and publisher of the Daily Mirror , London"s tabloid newspaper.

Impressed with the advantages of a tabloid, Patterson launched the Daily News on June 26,

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Just hours before his death he had moderated a"Times Talks" conversation with Edward Snowden, director Laura Poitras and journalist Glenn Greenwald about the documentary"Citizenfour. Carr"s column focused on issues of media in relation to business, culture and government, said the Times, which confirmed his death. Carr joined the Times in as a business reporter, covering magazine publishing.

His Media Equation column appeared in the Monday business section. He also was a media writer for news website Inside. He also was editor of a Minneapolis-based alternative weekly called Twin Cities Reader. Carr, who lived in Montclair, New Jersey, with his wife and their daughter and had two other children, also wrote"The Night of the Gun," a memoir about addiction and recovery.

The book, published by Simon and Schuster, traces Carr"s rise from cocaine addict to single dad raising twin girls to sobered-up media columnist for the Times. Carr said he wrote up a book proposal"on a dare to myself" in two days. After an agent sold the idea, Carr ended up interviewing about 60 people and working on the book for three years.

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Governor Jerry Brown mandates a mass medical vaccine experiment on blacks by signing SB into law Mish"s Global Economic Trend Analysis: Trendies Ready for Ultimate Wearable: We hosted secret CIA torture prisonhttp: Westside Community Schools have begun collecting student fingerprints for its school lunch program. The school district has moved to a biometric identification program, saying students will no longer have to use an ID card to buy lunch.

In a law review article published over forty years ago, Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan argued that state constitutions are a “font of individual liberties” and that their protections, in matters like search and seizures and the right to a jury trial, often extend beyond the protections of federal law.

History[ edit ] Harrison was established in by a patent granted by the British government to John Harrison and three others, who had a year earlier bargained with local Native Americans to purchase an area of land above Westchester Path an old trail that led from Manhattan to Port Chester and below Rye Lake. The area that became Harrison had also been sold in or , and again in , to Peter Disbrow, John Budd, and other investors or early residents of Rye. Regiment of the Continental Army , of the regiments there, was the Harrison Regiment, composed solely of people from Harrison.

During the s, David Haviland settled in Harrison where he produced Haviland China which he sold in his store in New York City before returning to his native France. Today there exists a Haviland Street in a neighborhood of Harrison known as"South Downtown", whose only street marker looks rather quite older than the rest in the town, composed of wrought iron in scrolled shapes. On the property is a Norman-style Roman Catholic chapel built for his wife. There is also Reid Castle, once called the Ophir House, before being renamed for a later purchaser.

The castle hosted the King and Queen of Siam in the early s. Before that time, Harrisonites had to flag down the train to get a ride. Harrison remained generally free of factories through the Industrial Revolution , while large factory districts grew in the neighboring towns of White Plains , Port Chester and Mamaroneck.

Is the Most Popular Dating App in"The New York Times"

The other 24 are also believed to be infected with the virus due to the close proximity of their deaths within such a brief time frame. Although the distemper virus cannot be transmitted to humans, it can be contagious to dogs that have not been vaccinated. The most recent raccoon corpse was discovered on Saturday morning at East th Street and East Drive. Other living raccoons have been spotted exhibiting symptoms of the disease as well.

Sally Slavinski, an assistant director at the Health Department, said, according to the New York paper. Raccoons with the disease may also act aggressively after first appearing tame.

Brenda Ann Kenneally’s sprawling chronicle of life in Troy, New York, is a tribute to her subjects and an indictment of our times. By Adrian Nicole LeBlanc More Photo Booth.

But after allowing yards in the first half, the Eagles held the Giants to 52 in the second, rediscovered their running game, and kept their season alive with a victory. He had only four more carries and finished with yards. That drive ended with an interception as Manning threw into double-coverage instead of going to Barkley in the left flat. Did the Eagles take Barkley out of the Giants offense or did the Giants coaching staff?

Typically, Barkley took the classy route. He had just two catches after halftime. The Eagles were depleted in the secondary and the Giants failed to take full advantage, Beckham noted. I just do what I am told to do and go out there and execute whenever I get an opportunity to do something. When I do have an opportunity, I try to make the most of it. Coming in, knowing that they struggled in the secondary, personally I would have loved to attack.

He touched the ball 20 times. The Giants burned a timeout on third-and with 5:

NY Times Article on Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone

Imagine what this can do to your subconscious when you hear or read it coming from virtually everywhere, all day, every day, ad infinitum. Anything that nets girls and women more respect and less disrespect may help change the ease with which some males lift their hands or their voices to harm them. Chew and Lauren K. Yet, these words may not be recognized as discriminatory because their use is perceived as normative and therefore not unusual.

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Paul G. Allen, Microsoft’s Co-founder, Is Dead At 65 - The New York Times by posted 4 weeks ago 16 views Paul G. Allen in

A version of this article was posted at 2: It was replaced with the correct version at 6: On Thursday, William C. Few who are anti-slaughter do, even veterinarians, because horse slaughter is a very tricky issue, much trickier, say, than factory farms for chickens or slaughter conditions for beef cattle or even for veal calves. Would it be different if it were starving children in some third-world country eating the meat? But here are the issues: Thoroughbreds constitute one segment of the population of horses — there are also quarter horses used for racing, pleasure riding, and ranch work , American saddlebreds, used for riding, driving, and showing, Tennessee walkers ditto , warmbloods used for jumping, dressage, driving , various draft breeds and ponies.

Because a horse lives such a long time and is expensive to keep, horses are at the mercy of their owners. A lucky horse is one who lives a long, useful, healthy, and well-fed life, with room to roam, grass to eat, and an owner who understands and appreciates him, then, once he is in pain or having difficulties because of old age, has the money to euthanize him and — do what? Illegal in most places. A cremated horse takes up 10 human-sized boxes. Send him to the rendering plant?

Life on Duterte"s Death Squad

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