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Guyanese Culture

Stats include global totals for laptop and desktop computers and mobile devices. What is her background and nationality? Is she black, mixed race, African American, Jamaican? The answers may seem obvious to some, but in fact many fans, not knowing what the music diva"s heritage or genealogy is, or where her parents are from, turn to the Internet for answers. Google"s search results reveal much about what people do or don"t know about the celebrated recording artist. Of her parents, her mother, Monica Braithwaite, a retired accountant, is a mix of African and Guyanese. Guyana is located on the northern coast of South America. Her father, Ronald Fenty, was a warehouse supervisor. He is of Barbadian and Irish ancestry. Rihanna"s natural green eyes are the result of European ancestors on both sides of her family, who possessed the gene for that eye colour.

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The Little Guyana strip of queens runs from th to th Street. The Little Guyana strip of Queens runs from th to th Street. Ray Cavanaugh Nobody told me about Little Guyana, a mile-plus-long stretch in the Richmond Hill neighborhood of Queens where the residents are Indian but sound like Bob Marley when they speak. I discovered it by accident when I fell asleep on the A train, passed up my intended destination and was awakened by a fellow passenger telling me that the train had reached its last stop.

The people here, known as Indo-Guyanese, are mainly descendants of indentured servants who were recruited from India often by deceptive tactics to work on the sugar plantations of present-day Guyana — formerly known as British Guiana — starting in , when the British abolished black slavery in their colonies.

Posts about Guyanese Culture written by Alexi LaRose. Really, I do think that there were forty-five parties to hit in a row to mark the 45th anniversary of Guyana attaining its Republican status and joining the commonwealth of Nations.

The small country on South America"s Caribbean coast, east of Venezuela, has a population that"s a colorful mix of South Asian mostly from east India and Afro-Caribbean. New York is home to around , Guyanese, making them the fifth-largest group of immigrants in the city. New York is home to over , Korean residents — the second largest Korean population in the US — and while they may not all live in Koreatown many live in Flushing, Queens, another Korean hotspot , they do frequent it enthusiastically, giving the area a super local and authentic vibe.

While there"s always a debate as to where the food is better, Flushing or Manhattan, K-Town is steadily gaining a stellar foodie rep. However, India and Bangladesh and Pakistan has staked its claim on 74th Street between Roosevelt and 37th Avenue, where women will shop for jewelry and rich fabrics while wearing colorful saris, and stores are full of Bollywood films and incense. Like an open air market, the air is thick with the smell of curries and spices, and the streets are lined with sweet shops, curry houses, and eateries selling fresh curry leaves and chutneys.

Brooklyn"s southernmost spot, Little Odessa has one of the highest concentration of Russian immigrants this side of the globe, and New York as a whole is home to over , of them. Venues like Tatianas , where the vodka flows and folk dancing shows and traveling Russian acts are the main attraction, are super popular among locals and visitors alike.

Though wildly international read, gentrified , Polish is Greenpoint"s foremost foreign population, with the second largest concentration of Poles after Chicago. Polish culture here is tangible: Shutterstock Back in the day, Little Italy was a Neapolitan village whose primary language was Italian. Immigrants from Naples and Sicily flocked to it in the s, and the area peaked in , with a population of over 10, Italians and an area spanning 50 blocks.

It has since shrunk it"s now around 14 blocks between Broome and Canal, Lafayette and Bowery , deteriorating into an enclave that can often feel like a souvenir slinging tourist trap. However, it"s a vibrant and fun neighborhood with narrow, European-feeling cobblestone streets full of gelaterias and bakeries, and real foodie gems, like Parm and Rubirosa.

Namibian Culture

The island served as an Arab port before Vasco da Gama visited in and finally the Portuguese established a port and naval base here. The chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte built in is considered to be the oldest non-indigenous building in the southern hemisphere. The island was Mozambique"s first capital. The fascinating mix of African, Arab and European culture and history is displayed in the churches and mosques, beautiful colonial buildings with thick walls and small traditional houses, the imposing fort, the old Portuguese houses some dating back to the sixteenth century , the well-maintained, interesting museums and above all in the local population, their culture and their incredibly varied faces.

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Guyanese culture reflects the influence of African, Indian, Amerindian, British, Portuguese, Chinese, and Dutch cultures. Guyana is one of a few mainland territories of South America that is considered to be a part of the Caribbean region. Guyanese culture shares many commonalities with the cultures of islands in the West Indies,. Amerindian Heritage Month (September).

From the Bantu-speaking Ovambo and Herero tribes the latter of which are admired for their colourful Victorian dress to the Damara minorities and nomadic San Bushmen, Namibia boasts cultural and historical flavour in spades. German colonisation left its own imprint on this Southern African nation with German being a widely spoken language today and German architecture and cuisine featuring prominently. Namibia"s diverse and, at times, harsh climate contributed to its colourful history with skirmishes, international and national, reflected in much of its modern history.

The People and Tribes of Namibia San People The San, direct descendants of Stone Age inhabitants, have a legacy spanning many centuries across large parts of southern and eastern Africa. Rock art dating back thousands of years in some cases stand testament to the very enduring power of the San people. Not only is their presence of immense historical importance to Namibia"s ancient cultural heritage, but to its present heritage, too.

Namibia"s Khoisan population is the largest in Africa and largely concentrated around the northern The Kalahari.

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The roads are paved and a seawall surrounds this small island where so much takes place every day. A recently landscaped artificial beach more than makes up for the absence of a natural beach. The main street Majeedhee Magu, runs right through the island from east to west.

Dating events in Guyana: Guyana Dating, Guyana Speed Dating, Guyana gig guide, Club Nights, Theatre and more. Buy your tickets or get on the guestlist for free Film and Culture. Exhibitions.

The most popular type of music is Calypso and its offshoots and mixes, like in other parts of the Eastern Caribbean. The various types of popular music include reggae, calypso , chutney , Soca , local Guyanese soca-chutney and Bollywood film songs or Indian music. Due to globalization, sounds from neighbouring countries can be heard such as Merengue , Bachata , Salsa , with Reggaeton being the most popular.

Visual art takes many forms in Guyana, but its dominant themes are Amerindian, the ethnic diversity of the population and the natural environment. Film[ edit ] The story of cinema in Guyana goes back to the s when the Gaiety, probably British Guiana"s first cinema, stood by the Brickdam Roman Catholic Presbytery in Georgetown, and showed Charlie Chaplin -type silent movies. After the Gaiety burnt down around , other cinemas followed, such as the Metro on Middle Street in Georgetown, which became the Empire; the London on Camp Street, which became the Plaza; and the Astor on Church and Waterloo Streets, which opened around Cinema seating was distinctly divided.

Closest to the screen, with rows of hard wooden benches, was the lowly Pit, where the effort of looking upwards at the screen for several hours gave one a permanent stiff neck. The next section, House, was separated from the Pit by a low partition wall. House usually had individual but connected wooden rows of seats that flipped up or down.

Above House was the Box section, with soft, private seats and, behind Box, Balcony, a favourite place for dating couples. These divisions in the cinema roughly represented the different strata existing in colonial society. Guyanese have produced several feature films over the years. The international award-winner Guiana , a film by Guyanese-born, US-based writer and director Rohit Jagessar that depicts the arrival of indentured Indian servants to the Caribbean in following the abolition of slavery in the British Empire, was released in

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Order or download our brochure Explore our latest brochure for Japan holiday inspiration Order a printed version Manners, customs and the Japanese way Manners and customs are an important part of many facets of Japanese life. Japanese people grow up picking up the subtleties of this unique culture as they go through life, respecting the invisible and varied societal rules. There are many aspects of this seemingly complicated culture that as a foreign visitor you will not be expected to know, but there are some things that will be easier to grasp than others.

The museum also houses the remains of ceramic urns, coarse pottery, and jewelry made by the Caquetios, with some of the artifact fragments dating back to AD.

Schomburgk Line and Borders of Suriname Guyana is in border disputes with both Suriname, which claims the area east of the left bank of the Corentyne River and the New River in southwestern Suriname, and Venezuela which claims the land west of the Essequibo River, once the Dutch colony of Essequibo as part of Venezuela"s Guayana Essequiba. The ruling concerning the Caribbean Sea north of both nations found both parties violated treaty obligations and declined to order any compensation to either party.

Venezuela did not agree with this as it claimed all lands west of the Essequibo River. The arbitration was concluded, settled and accepted into International law by both Venezuela and the U. Venezuela brought up again the settled claim, during the s cold war period, and during Guyana"s Independence period. This issue is now governed by the Treaty of Geneva of , which was signed by the Governments of Guyana, Great Britain and Venezuela, and Venezuela continues to claim Guayana Esequiba.

In a Surinamese survey team was found in the New River Triangle and was forcibly removed. In August a patrol of the Guyana Defence Force found a survey camp and a partially completed airstrip inside the triangle, and documented evidence of the Surinamese intention to occupy the entire disputed area. After an exchange of gunfire, the Surinamese were driven from the triangle.

Environment and biodiversity[ edit ] Satellite image of Guyana from Anomaloglossus beebei Kaieteur , specific to the Guianas The hoatzin is the national bird of Guyana.

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Guyanese culture per se is an ill-defined entity. Because of transportation difficulties i.e. poor roads, many large rivers, travel from one area to another is a hazardous undertaking so culture has to be interpreted in a"local" rather than a"national" setting.

Caribbean Culture Becoming acquainted with the history and heritage of the Caribbean goes a long way towards understanding its culture. Each of the Caribbean islands has a unique and distinct cultural identity that was molded by early European colonialists, the African slave trade, as well as indigenous Indian tribes. Its rich culture, set against a backdrop of crystal clear waters and never ending sunshine is what gives the Caribbean its lasting influence on travelers who visit the islands.

Notwithstanding, its rich culture and heritage, the Caribben lifestyle - as most tourists experience it - is unquestionably a product of its exotic, tropical setting. The architecture, music, attitudes and local customs have, in many ways, been influenced by the unique physical landscape and climate of the Caribbean. Today the cultures of the Caribbean are a harmonic mix of colonial mainstays as well as influences by major ethnic groups including the Africans and East Indians.

Barbados, sometimes referred to as"Little England", has retained enough of its British heritage to be perceived as more of a"western" culture. Aruba, has also retained British customs but tends to be more laid-back than Barbados. Other islands, most notably Jamaica, retain very few of their orginal colonial customs. These islands rely heavily on their pre-colonial heritage and have distanced themselves from colonial influence or rule. Jamaica is a purely democratic state that is passionaly self-sufficient but maintains a very peaceful existence amoung other Islands that are heavily influenced by Colonial heritage and governance.

Its residents include a wide spectrum of characters, from staid English aristocrats to animated Rastafarians.

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